amybot-beginner [15k] vs Cstef [18k] 🏆
Aug 2, 2021 03:33 PM
(;FF[4] CA[UTF-8] GM[1] DT[2021-08-02] PC[OGS:] GN[Unfriendly Match] PB[Cstef] PW[amybot-beginner] BR[19k] WR[11k] TM[1200]OT[30 fischer] RE[B+R] SZ[19] KM[0.5] RU[Chinese] HA[7] AB[pd][pq][cp][dd][pj][dj][jd] C[amybot-beginner: I'm a beginner bot, playing 30k-20k games. Suggest a handicap in the game request if it's too hard or too easy. Good luck, have fun! amybot-beginner: Thank you for the game! If I did something annoying or glitchy - let me know in this chat, in the site chat or by chatting to my administrator. We'll get it sorted. ] ;W[nq] (;B[op] (;W[np] (;B[jp] (;W[lo] (;B[lp] (;W[ko] (;B[kp] (;W[io] (;B[on] (;W[iq] (;B[ip] (;W[hp] (;B[jo] (;W[ho] (;B[jn] (;W[im] (;B[mo] (;W[mp] (;B[no] (;W[lq] (;B[kn] (;W[kr] (;B[hq] (;W[ir] (;B[hr] (;W[gq] (;B[fp] (;W[fq] (;B[ep] (;W[eq] (;B[is] (;W[js] (;B[hs] (;W[jr] (;B[gp] (;W[go] (;B[fr] (;W[dp] (;B[dq] (;W[do] (;B[er] (;W[gr] (;B[gs] ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Review by: Cstef

I guess that many handicap stones was too many

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