🏆 jennesss1955 [9k] vs Sam_Gam [11k]
Sep 9, 2020 05:57 AM
(;FF[4] CA[UTF-8] GM[1] DT[2020-09-09] PC[OGS: https://online-go.com/game/26780836] GN[Sam_Gam vs. jennesss1955] PB[Sam_Gam] PW[jennesss1955] BR[19k] WR[?] TM[1200]OT[5x30 byo-yomi] RE[W+18.5] SZ[19] KM[0.5] RU[Japanese] AB[qd] ;W[pp] (;B[dq] (;W[dd] (;B[cf] (;W[hc] (;B[cd] (;W[cc] (;B[bc] (;W[dc] (;B[ce] (;W[oc] (;B[od] (;W[nd] (;B[oe] (;W[lc] (;B[pc] (;W[ob] (;B[qn] (;W[lp] (;B[pj] (;W[ql] (;B[qq] (;W[pq] (;B[qp] (;W[rj] (;B[qi] (;W[ri] (;B[qh] (;W[rh] (;B[qg] (;W[pk] (;B[ok] (;W[ol] (;B[pm] (;W[pl] (;B[po] (;W[nk] (;B[oj] (;W[nm] (;B[no] (;W[np] (;B[mo] (;W[mp] (;B[co] (;W[cj] (;B[dk] (;W[ck] (;B[cl] (;W[bl] (;B[cm] (;W[bm] (;B[bn] (;W[dj] (;B[ek] (;W[fp] (;B[hp] (;W[go] (;B[ho] (;W[gm] (;B[hn] (;W[gn] (;B[hk] (;W[hm] (;B[im] (;W[hl] (;B[il] (;W[gk] (;B[fl] (;W[gl] (;B[ej] (;W[hj] (;B[ik] (;W[gj] (;B[dh] (;W[bh] (;B[bg] (;W[ch] (;B[am] (;W[bj] (;B[ak] (;W[aj] (;B[al] (;W[cg] (;B[bf] (;W[dg] (;B[fi] (;W[bb] (;B[ad] (;W[ag] (;B[de] (;W[ee] (;B[ef] (;W[df] (;B[ed] (;W[fe] (;B[ec] (;W[eb] (;B[ab] (;W[cb] (;B[eg] (;W[af] (;B[ae] (;W[ah] (;B[di] (;W[be] (;B[bd] (;W[fg] (;B[fh] (;W[ff] (;B[eh] (;W[hh] (;B[jh] (;W[jn] (;B[in] (;W[jp] (;B[ko] (;W[jo] (;B[kp] (;W[kq] (;B[lo] (;W[iq] (;B[hq] (;W[fq] (;B[gr] (;W[fr] (;B[er] (;W[es] (;B[ds] (;W[fs] (;B[ml] (;W[nl] (;B[kl] (;W[lm] (;B[km] (;W[kn] (;B[mm] (;W[ll] (;B[ln] (;W[lk] (;B[mk] (;W[mj] (;B[kk] (;W[lj] (;B[op] (;W[oq] (;B[oo] (;W[mn] (;B[ir] (;W[jr] (;B[ip] (;W[jq] (;B[lr] (;W[mr] (;B[js] (;W[ks] (;B[is] (;W[lq] (;B[jj] (;W[ji] (;B[ii] (;W[ki] (;B[ij] (;W[ih] (;B[hi] (;W[gi] (;B[gh] (;W[jg] (;B[eo] (;W[hr] (;B[hs] (;W[gs] (;B[hr] (;W[jm] (;B[jl] (;W[io] (;B[ls] (;W[kr] (;B[nq] (;W[ms] (;B[nr] (;W[kj] (;B[or] (;W[gp] (;B[ne] (;W[md] (;B[me] (;W[le] (;B[lf] (;W[ke] (;B[kh] (;W[kg] (;B[lh] (;W[ig] (;B[nh] (;W[lg] (;B[mg] (;W[ni] (;B[oi] (;W[oh] (;B[og] (;W[qj] (;B[ph] (;W[pb] (;B[qb] (;W[qa] (;B[ra] (;W[pa] (;B[rb] (;W[gg] (;B[rm] (;W[rl] (;B[mi] (;W[li] (;B[mh] (;W[nj] (;B[rg] (;W[sg] (;B[sf] (;W[sh] (;B[rf] (;W[en] (;B[dn] (;W[em] (;B[dl] (;W[fo] (;B[ep] (;W[gq] (;B[nn] (;W[mm] (;B[om] (;W[sm] (;B[sn] (;W[sl] (;B[qm] (;W[kf] (;B[mf] (;W[jk] (;B[fm] (;W[fn] (;B[fj] (;W[eq] (;B[dr] (;W[os] (;B[pr] (;W[ns] (;B[ps] (;W[fk] (;B[el] (;W[dm] (;B[cp] (;W[ba] (;B[ci] (;W[aa] (;B[bi] (;W[ac] (;B[ai] (;W[ab] (;B[] (;W[] C[Sam_Gam: gg ] )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

“Got kill at side but neglected to save center group.”


Sam_Gam Sep 9, 2020 – 7:05 AM
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Got cocky with center reduction instead of caring for own safety.