Devin Fraze [4k] vs mirthturtle [6k] 🏆
Sep 25, 2020 01:03 PM
(;FF[4] CA[UTF-8] GM[1] DT[2020-09-25] PC[OGS:] GN[Friendly match] PB[mirthturtle] PW[Devin Fraze] BR[24k] WR[25k] TM[1200]OT[5x30 byo-yomi] RE[B+R] SZ[19] KM[6.5] RU[Japanese] C[Devin Fraze: have a good game! Devin Fraze: Im on discord chat btw mirthturtle: Hii ] ;B[pd] (;W[dq] C[Devin Fraze: Hello mirthturtle: I am actually going to stay off chat, I think I need to rest my voice-brain ] (;B[dd] C[Devin Fraze: :) works for me :) ] (;W[qp] C[mirthturtle: Glad to finally play though! :) ] (;B[jd] (;W[cf] (;B[df] (;W[dg] (;B[ef] (;W[cd] (;B[cc] (;W[de] (;B[ee] (;W[ce] (;B[dc] (;W[bc] (;B[bb] (;W[ci] C[Devin Fraze: Thanks, me too ] (;B[eg] (;W[dh] (;B[jj] (;W[qf] (;B[qe] (;W[pf] (;B[mc] (;W[np] (;B[lq] (;W[nq] (;B[iq] (;W[gq] (;B[pj] (;W[pi] (;B[qi] (;W[qh] (;B[ph] (;W[oi] (;B[rh] (;W[qg] (;B[rj] (;W[ng] (;B[oj] (;W[ni] (;B[qm] (;W[dn] (;B[cl] (;W[cn] (;B[el] (;W[gl] (;B[bj] (;W[bi] (;B[bm] (;W[bn] (;B[fj] (;W[ip] (;B[hq] (;W[gp] (;B[hp] (;W[jp] (;B[jq] (;W[ho] (;B[kp] (;W[dk] (;B[dl] (;W[ek] (;B[fk] (;W[fl] (;B[dj] (;W[ck] (;B[cj] (;W[bk] (;B[ak] (;W[em] (;B[ej] (;W[jc] (;B[ic] (;W[kd] (;B[kc] (;W[lc] (;B[jb] (;W[nc] C[Devin Fraze: lol thanks mirthturtle: :) no worries ] (;B[oc] (;W[md] (;B[mb] (;W[nb] (;B[lb] (;W[nd] (;B[ob] (;W[re] (;B[rd] (;W[pe] (;B[qd] (;W[od] (;B[na] (;W[sd] (;B[sc] (;W[qk] (;B[pl] (;W[rn] (;B[rm] (;W[nj] (;B[qj] (;W[ko] (;B[lo] (;W[kn] (;B[ke] (;W[jh] (;B[kh] (;W[ki] (;B[jg] (;W[kg] (;B[ih] (;W[jf] (;B[ig] (;W[kf] (;B[ie] (;W[if] (;B[hf] (;W[lh] (;B[ld] (;W[mf] (;B[mr] (;W[nr] (;B[gr] (;W[fr] (;B[hr] (;W[er] (;B[ac] (;W[bg] (;B[bd] (;W[be] (;B[an] (;W[ao] (;B[am] (;W[bo] (;B[qn] (;W[ro] (;B[nk] (;W[nn] (;B[ln] (;W[km] (;B[po] (;W[pp] (;B[oo] (;W[no] (;B[il] (;W[im] (;B[hl] (;W[hm] (;B[go] (;W[hn] (;B[gk] (;W[eh] (;B[fh] (;W[ji] (;B[ii] (;W[jl] (;B[jk] (;W[kr] (;B[lr] (;W[kq] (;B[lp] (;W[jr] (;B[ir] (;W[gs] (;B[ks] (;W[hs] (;B[js] (;W[mk] (;B[nl] (;W[kk] (;B[ns] (;W[os] (;B[ms] (;W[pr] (;B[le] (;W[kj] (;B[ij] (;W[rg] (;B[se] (;W[sh] (;B[ri] (;W[sf] (;B[rf] (;W[oa] (;B[pa] (;W[re] (;B[fo] (;W[ep] (;B[rf] (;W[sg] (;B[ml] (;W[ll] C[Devin Fraze: That top is way to big mirthturtle: thanks :) gg! Devin Fraze: I played risky to kill the top right and it didn't work out Devin Fraze: Thank you for the game mirthturtle: you almost had that bottom mirthturtle: i was sweating Devin Fraze: Maybe, haha, I should have scooped out the bottom instead of playing on top mirthturtle: I want to check something on the left :) mirthturtle: \[object Object\] AlvCantero: gg! ] ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

“Slow game; took the time I needed to read & it paid off. GG Devin!”


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